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Why hands-on Science is important and a great learning opportunity ...

Teaching / Learning / Pedagogy

Crime scene investigation workshop


Scientific Journalism winner - Do the benefits of science outweigh the risks? Year 8 student writes for the Royal Society teachers journal


Technology used appropriately makes for better student - teacher conversations

  • eLearning research report: Authentic learning using mobile sensor technology with reflections on the state of science education in New Zealand
  • ICT: Interested in Conversations and Thinking - technology is less important than the conversations it permits students to have with their teacher. For the techno-phobic this puts the student in the role of expert technologist but the teacher remains the expert assessor.
  • School science earns an F. Research by local scientist and Microsoft Innovative Teacher Michael Fenton indicates that the state of New Zealand's science teaching is antiquated and inadequate. What are some examples of 'best practice' when using computers in education, particularly to teach science?
  • Saving New Zealand Science. Why are scientists meeting to discuss flaws in NZQA science exams? Is it a case of dumbing the curriculum down or scientists being ' too academic' and expecting too much? How does NZQA pressure resource writers to perpetuate errors of fact in books and hence examinations?
  • Teaching and the f word: From the New Zealand INTERFACE article....putting the fun back into teaching while dealing with the competing tensions of assessment and covering the curriculum. For primary and secondary teachers.

The nature of science... What should 'doing science' look like in our classrooms?

Primary Science Teacher Fellows Science takes a front seat in the revitalisation of science education in New Zealand

Gifted Children - support and ideas for teachers and parents, including case studies of interventions that worked very well.


Software for games, simulations and demonstrations ...

  • Create educational virtual laboratories, simulators and interactive science software ... Game Maker is easy to programme and is more than just games! Interative mathematics tools and a flight simulator are just the beginning!  Science simulators don't have to be boring either. A game based on the 'Dr Who' TV show involves being inside a 3D TARDIS. Players can visit the Doctor's laboratory to learn about astronomy, go to the library, or, for a break, evade Daleks and Cybermen. 
  • Game Maker in schools - a look at the uses of Game Maker in education and a New Zealand teacher creating educational games, interactive science simulators and mathematics tools for interactive whiteboards adn SMARTboards. 
  • Celestia virtual universe - a real-time 3D space simulation featuring a database of over 100000 stars, and nearly a hundred solar systems!



Technology and Science investigations

Junior / Primary starter activities

Senior / Secondary investigations

Build your own science equipment

Science Fair - how to plan and carry out a winning project

  • Data logger substitute - Black Box data logger replacement - a PICAXE chip to record data anywhere, then download to your PC
  • Data logger substitute - a computer mouse data logger replacement - save hundreds of dollars by teaching your mouse a new trick
  • Data logger substitute - use a digital mutimeter as a data logger replacement - add any of these sensors to carry out great geology or atmospheric investigations!
  • Data logger substitute - RIGEL - the Real-world Interative Games and Electronics Link; the ultimate data logger and games system for teachers and students

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