Articles / Publications / Papers presented

Fenton, M. 2015. Primary Mathematics Teaching online: rich tasks for cross-curricula learning.  New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers conference at AUT, Auckland, July.

Fenton, M., Fenton, C. 2015. Primary teachers’ experiences of professional development in Science by distance learning. Proceedings of the New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education international conference, Integrating learning, work and community. 15th – 17th of April, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

Fenton, M., and Fenton, C.D. 2014. Primary teachers’ authentic experiences of the nature of science by distance learning. SciCon 2014 conference, Dunedin, July.

Fenton, M. 2014. Enlightenment and education: A journey through time and space. Keynote address, Open Polytechnic Learning conference, Lower Hutt, July.

Fenton, M. 2013. Students leading learning in science and mathematics at home or school; new uses for multimeters. ULearn13 conference, Hamilton, October.

Fenton, M. 2011. SCIOS. Science Teachers Association of Western Australia. Using a digital multi-meter as an inexpensive data-logger substitute.

Winter, M., Anderson, D., Fenton, M. and Glasson, B. 2010. Supporting the Primary Science Teacher Fellows - Transforming Primary Science. SciCon 2010 conference, Nelson, July.

Fenton, M. 2010. New Zealand INTERFACE, 22, March. Getting digital and dirty in maths and science

Fenton, M. 2009. RIGEL - Learning from Life: Communities of learning via a connected curriculum. Microsoft Partners in Learning Regional Innovative Teachers conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 26th -29th.

Fenton, M. 2009. Ministry of Health vaccine DVD gets a Not Achieved - cause of concern for 2009 NCEA science exam.

Fenton, M. 2009. Did the Ministry of Health and schools share data in breach of the Privacy Act?

Fenton, M. 2009. New Zealand INTERFACE, Vol 19, No.761. Teaching and the F-word.

Fenton, C. 2009. Waikato Doctoral Scholar Christine Fenton Education blog

Fenton, M. 2008. Authentic learning using mobile sensor technology with reflections on the state of science education in New Zealand 2008 Ministry of Education eLearning research report:

Fenton, M. 2008. Pedagogy and student involvement. In Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Generation (EnviroPower) Pilot - Completion Report. Venture Taranaki Trust.

Fenton, M. 2008. Understanding versus Knowledge…the new role of ICT and eLearning Opinion column.

Fenton, M. 2007. Interactive ICT tools for Mathematics, Science and Robotics - getting the most from Game Maker. New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers conference, Auckland, New Zealand, September 25th - 28th.

Fenton, M. 2007. Eduvac, The Education Weekly, Vol 18, No.709. "Innovative ICT black box"

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Fenton, C.D. 2004. Convenor. Report of Special Education Interest Group to the New Zealand Microbiological Society Annual General Meeting. NZMS Special Interest Group in Education. Microbes Outside the Square Conference. Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Fenton, C.D. 2004. Assessment of Practical Skills in Tertiary Science. New Zealand Microbiology Society Conference. Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Fenton, M and Fenton, C.D. 2004. The NZ Science Teachers Journal. (Term 1, Number 105). Bill Pickering, rocket scientist.

Fenton, M and Fenton, C.D. 2003. The NZ Science Teachers Journal. (Term 3, Number 103). DNA and Genetic Engineering

Fenton, C.D. 2002. New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE) Science Teachers Journal, Term Two) Teaching Under the Microscope.

Fenton, C.D., Fenton, M., Raynes, A.. 2001. Microbiology Misconceptions in Secondary Schools. New Zealand Microbiological Society conference, Wellington, New Zealand. November 18th - 21st

  • The Royal Society expressed particular interest in the last paper above, presenting our findings to the Ministry of Education.

Fenton, C.D. 2000. Highlights of the Nexus Research Group. The Good Teacher, Term One

Fenton, M. Fenton, C.D., Stewart, K. 1999. The Isolation and Characterisation of Caulobacter species in New Zealand Waterways. New Zealand Microbiological Society conference, Otago, New Zealand. November 23rd - 26th

Broad, J., Fenton, C.D., Fenton, M. 1999. Light Photomicroscopy Using an Internet Webcam Digital Camera. New Zealand Microbiological Society conference, Otago, New Zealand. November 23rd - 26th

Fenton, C.D. 1999. The NZ Science Teachers Journal. (Term 1).NEXUS.

Fenton, C.D. 1999. The Nexus Research Group. The Good Teacher, Term Two


Newspaper and magazine related articles:

2009 North Taranaki Midweek, June 24. “Robots test skills”

2009 Daily News, 8 June. "WITT work in gallery spotlight"

2009 Taranaki Culture: fresh out of the box. Edited by Susette Goldsmith. Published by Puke Ariki, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

2009 Game Maker Technology Magazine Issue 16, June. "Game Maker in Schools"

2009 North Taranaki Midweek, May 20. “School radio station a tool for learning”

2009 Daily News, 6 May. "High school teachers bound for Asia"

2009 New Zealand Doctor, April 22. "Official HPV DVD gets 'not achieved'"

2009 North and South, March. “Making school work”

2009 Daily News, February 18. School science gains an F

2008 The Press, Christchurch, November 29. “Papers: must try harder”

2008 Stratford Press, October 29. “Finding the missing link”

2008 EDUVAC Education Weekly, October 20. "Award for Inglewood innovator”

2008 North Taranaki Midweek, October 15. “Innovation has its rewards for teacher”

2008 Daily News, October 16. "Invention one out of the box”

2008 Daily News, June 7. "At home with Michael Fenton"

2008 Daily News, April 30. "Shining a light on the future”

2007 Daily News, December 26. The Wow! Factor "Mad Scientist of the Year"

2007 North Taranaki Midweek, October 24. “Chance to explore tech ideas


2007 Ministry of Education Press Release, October 10 "Innovative teachers to explore new  horizons"


2007 Daily News, June 4. "Science-fiction fuelled Dad"


2007 Daily News, June 4 . "Teacher's invention makes a lot of sensor" - RIGEL system

main feature in the Breakthroughs section


2005 Daily News, October 1. “Special projects keep girls at school” - using WITT

science facilities for gifted children.


2005 Daily News, August 18.  “Timeless Robot” - Bell Block School pupils get a visit

from a Dalek!


2005 Daily News, June 4. “Robots inspiring young engineers” Mike's Cybot as example

of cross discipline co-operation to run novel courses for school students.


2004 Daily News, December 15.  "WITT scores lab testing deal" using WITT science

facilities for work of national significance to the dairy industry.


2003 North Taranaki Midweek, November 5. "Website of wonders" -  the Nexus

site one of the best.


2003 Daily News, December 19.  “Jamie aims higher than the lab bench”  - 10 year old

Jamie graduates from the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki. She also

receives the Science Departments award for consistent high standards.


2003 Daily News August 17 - "Laser Wars Fires at Fair" – the innovative Nexus Science

Fair project


2002 Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki Merit Award for CSI Forensics workshop


2002 Daily News December 12 "Gore galore in latest WITT course" – CSI course 3 day workshop


2002 Daily News November 22  "Jamie (9) needs to take an education fast-track"  -

Jamie Fenton  at WITT


2002 Daily News August 27 "Nexus puts Taranaki students on course"


2002 About Kids. Issue 9 March/April. "Gifted children"


2002 Daily News January 22 Jamie Fenton School Certificate results


2001 Daily News November 22 Jamie Fenton "Jamie proves she's a cert for bright



2001 TKI website (Ministry of Education), “gifted children” section


2000 Educational / Key resource awards for the Nexus Research Group website.


2000 The School Daily magazine, June


1999 EDUVAC Education Weekly, December. "Scientists impressed by New Plymouth school



1999 Otago Daily News, November 26. "Schoolboy scientist impresses meeting"


1999 Daily News, November 26. "Bug study earns accolades"


1999 North Taranaki Midweek, August 12. "Nexus Research Group"


1998 Daily News, September 9. "Lunch-time scientists too busy for tuck shop"


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