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A 3D flight simulator written by Michael Fenton connected to the RIGEL games and electronics link

Michael has been teaching Game Maker in New Zealand at Secondary school (High School) and Tertiary level. 

He demonstrates GameMaker can create educational games, simulators and eLearning resources. Game Maker for Mac is now available.

Game Maker in schools GMTech  features New Zealand teacher

Teachers: Did you know you can use Game Maker to create interactive whiteboard (IWB) or SMARTboard applications? See below...

Classic Apple II games re-made in Game Maker...first we did the Apple classic Transylvania... watch out for the Apple II 'Indiana Jones' adventure Aztec !

Interactive whiteboard (IWB) or SMARTboard capable for science, spelling, maths, a second language, music, the road code, anything! The examples below were all created using Game Maker...

Game Maker...more than just games!

Interactive ICT tools for Mathematics, Science and Robotics - getting the most from Game Maker. Presented at the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers conference, NZAMT 2007. Includes an overview of how Game Maker works and includes of examples used in teaching.

 Transylvania ... a classic Apple II  adventure game remake  teaches compass points and map navigation

Game Maker Technology  magazine features Michael in the Game Maker in Schools section!


In 2006 Michael created a DNA Fingerprinting and DNA sequencing simulator that can also download and run real DNA sequences from the NCBI Genbank database! It even reads the sequence out! Identify which child is adopted in a family of five, or which disease organism is in a patient sample or identify which suspect was at the crime scene. Each time the application is run a unique set of prints is generated. GeneE: an electrophoresis virtual lab & a DNA fingerprinting vritual lab


2007 - Michael's Real-world Interactive Games and Electronics Link. RIGEL can record data from up to 4 channels from a 08M PICAXE chip, displaying data as analogue gauge, digital meter, column graph, or line graph. It can also remotely monitor or activate valves and switches as a process control system as well as interface the 08M chip with the games projected into a room. Data can be echoed to a network or the internet. RIGEL is fast and full of features yet it fits on a floppy disk!

GeneE - written by Michael Fenton - is a DNA electrophoresis and gene sequencing simlulator that reads aloud DNA sequences

GeneE - UV lamp makes DNA bands visible

Heart beat pressure wave displayed on the games and electronics link RIGEL invented by Michael Fenton

RIGEL displays a heartbeat trace using a sensor of Michael's own design.



In 2007 Michael created the MATRIX database; a random access flat file database that can be 'skinned'. It can play as well as store multimedia content and webpages, and of course handle the traditional text content.

The MATRIX can even be used to store games and tools made using Game Maker!

The screen shot below shows a database to store information and files relating to SciFi TV shows.

MATRIX can store and display the following file types:

ppt, doc, rtf, txt, wav, mp3, mpg, mp4, mov, xls, gmd, gm6, gmk, exe, jpg, gif, bmp, html, htm



In 2007 Michael created an interactive clock that can display the time in:

  • Binary (base 2)
  • octal (base 8)
  • hexadecinmal (base 16)
  • roman numerals

Download here... (1MB zip file)

Binary clock, see the time in Roman numerals!



A flatfile database witten in Game Maker by Michael Fenton stores and plays multimedia content such as movies, music, images and even stores Game Maker games!

The MATRIX...created using Game Maker, this is a true random access flat file database to store and play multimedia content; print and search too! Get the students to build a dynamic database full of interactive content, including webpages and movies! Share with colleagues or is 'skinable' so each database can have a look to suit its theme or contents. The MATRIX can even be used to store Game Maker games and tools!


The Planets 3D: Watch the planets rotate on their axis in 3D!

Modified to include axis tilt, new textures, zoom in/out, difference in sizes; original code from the Game Maker community.

The Primary Science Teacher Fellows have received a complimentary copy of this for use in New Zealand primary schools 



Game Maker remake of the Apple II classic text adventure game Transylvania written by Michael Fenton


A Game Maker remake of the classic Apple II adventure game!

Map making and compass points: A fun way to teach maths!!

Your cousin, a famous painter, has been missing for 3 weeks.

He was last seen on his way to the castle and estate of Count Morlock.

Two Private Investigators failed to return attempting to find him.

A local farmer will only take you to the church at the edge of the estate.

You hope the full moon will make the way easier...



Graph-X: Graph Explorer

Explore many kinds of graphs found in mathematics and physics.

What happens if we change the m value in y = mx + c ? Does it change the slope or the height?

What about parabolas, circles, ellipses, and trigonometric modelling?

Great for the IWB or SMARTboard, this graph simulator gets to the point quickly and clearly.

Graph Explorer made in Game Maker by Michael Fenton for maths and science teachers


Who wants to be a Millionaire? Game Maker version by Michael Fenton uses question sets created by the students

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Interactive fun for the whole class!

3 life lines

Question bank for any curriculum area, any year level!

Includes the sound effects from the TV show!



Senior Physics students use Game Maker to create a nuclear reactor simulator

Mission:Impossible game - Operate a nuclear reactor in this GameMaker simulation, seen at the 2003 Science Fair. A great Year 12 Physics resource!

The classic Apple II Aztec game
The classic Apple II Tomb Raider game 'Aztec'
The Game Maker remake of Aztec
The Game Maker remake of the Apple II classic Aztec! written by Michael Fenton
Evade traps and find the Idol as quickly as you can Written by Michael Fenton, this Game Maker remake of Aztec lets you play as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Carry torches into the ever increasing darkness...

This Game Maker remake of Aztec lets you play as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Carry torches into the ever increasing darkness...avoid the traps and monsters...and return with the Idol as quickly as you can!

A 3D flight simulator written by Michael Fenton connected to the RIGEL games and electronics link

Special Effects:

Michael has been using Game Maker to create educational games and simulators for many years. Science simulators don't have to be boring either. A Dr Who adventure game based on the TV show involves being inside a 3D virtual TARDIS. Players can visit the Doctor's laboratory to learn about astronomy, go to the library, or, for a break, evade Daleks and Cybermen. It's all good fun and something that inspires students to look at the science in a new way.

Interactive TARDIS  - science simulator and teaching tool by Michael Fenton

3D virtual TARDIS  - an interactive science virtual laboratory for teaching and assessing science

Asteroids game: A good example of what you can do with Game Maker was seen at the Science and Technology Fair. We had a TARDIS console (from the TV program Doctor Who) as our trade display. A computer game (written with no prior knowledge of games programming in only two hours) was a big hit! We gave away over 150 computer disks that included the game and information about the NRG.

Michael has used Game Maker versions 6, 7 and  8. There are plenty of tutorials on the net.

Visit the YoYo games website for the latest version of Game Maker.
Game Maker for Mac is now avaialble from YoYo Games here.
Older versions can be found at YoYo games too: old Game Maker versions

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